MBBO employs a dynamic committee mechanism to achieve its goals and have a regional impact. Core committees have longevity year to year and are part of ensuring we remain sustainable and compliant with regulations and goals.

Our impact committees are dynamic and exist to meet and fulfil specific needs. Some are to address a short-term and transitory projects and others clearly have an enduring character.

Our committees are a way all members can engage, contribute and gain reward.

Environmental Conflict Committee

Co-Chairs: Peter Corne & Ken Waldron

Contact: corne.peter@me.com, Ken.waldron@walpark.com.au

The mission of the Environmental Conflict Committee is to play a capacity building role in the Oceania region as many communities in the region face dislocation arising from environmental matters. The objectives of the committee are to:

  • Engage in capacity building for community organisations to be better equipped to navigate the tensions that arise in environmental conflict and be able to move forward in a productive way.
  • Be a resource and source of support for environmental problem solvers in the region, such as supporting communities who are on the front line of climate disruption and dealing with issues of climate justice.
  • Be a voice and engage in thought-leadership in this evolving field.

If you would like to be more engaged in environmental conflict conversations in the Oceania region, please contact Committee Chair Peter Corne or Ken Waldron.

Conflict Engagement Working Group

Chair: Judith Rafferty
Contact: Judith.Rafferty@jcu.edu.au

The Conflict Engagement Working Group is an opportunity for MBBO members to engage in a project being run in conjunction with the James Cook University (JCU) Conflict Management and Resolution Program (CMR) and MBBO. The JCU CMR program has been developing conceptual frameworks for conflict analysis and conflict engagement. These frameworks are designed to support conflict practitioners and conflict parties, in particular in contexts of enduring/ongoing conflict. The frameworks have been in development for many years, and the JCU CMR program has ethics approval to run focus groups and engage in further research surrounding the frameworks.

The objectives of this working group are to introduce MBBO members to the frameworks and to support members to consider how these frameworks may be used in their own practice. Through a series of monthly meetings, the working group will reflect on conflict engagement practice, and focus on capturing examples and case studies that fit the enduring conflict categories. Through engagement in this working group, members will be contributing to primary research and support adapting and extending the existing frameworks:

  • to different contexts (such as environmental conflict, climate change related conflicts, cross-cultural settings etc) and
  • for use by conflict specialists in different roles (such as when working as an independent third party, a conflict ally, or in system design).

If you would like to know more about the committee’s aims and objectives, or to be involved, please contact the Committee Chair, Judith Rafferty.

Marketing, Communication and Membership Committee

Chair: Rose Adams
Contact: membership@mbbo.com.au

Members of the Marketing, Communication and Membership Committee (MCMC) work to create a sense of community and opportunities for communities of practice in MBBO. Objectives include:

  • Forming MBBO communications on LinkedIn, newsletters, and the MBBO website;
  • Organising online seminars and community of practice events;
  • Developing and expanding MBBO branding, merchandise;
  • Manage communications with corporate partners and sponsors.

To be involved in the MCMC, provide input or suggestions, or support with an aspect of the committee’s portfolio, please contact the Committee Chair, Rose Adams.

MBBO Conference Committee

Chair: Rose Adams
Contact: membership@mbbo.com.au

The MBBO Conference Committee will endeavour to establish an inaugural MBBO Oceania conference in the Oceania region in 2024. The committee will work to develop the conference agenda and themes, location and engagement with communities, logistics, for participation, and funding and sponsorship.

If you would like to be involved in the Conference Committee please contact the Committee Chair, Rose Adams.

Fundraising and Treasury Committee

Chair: TBA (looking for volunteer Chair)
Contact: info@mbbo.com.au

Description: To have an impact, MBBO requires greater fundraising and sponsorship. We are looking for any members who have a skill or a desire to take a leadership or participatory role in this function.